We love our pro-bono clients!

The Twin Cities is booming with tech, creatives, and the need for a user-centered approach to design and business. It is our belief at Prime that there is plenty of human-centered work to be done without making it up, which is why we go straight to the source: clients with real users and business problems to solve! As well, our employer network loves knowing that that projects completed at Prime were as real as they get—no "happy paths" or textbook-only experience here. Double-win!

Many of our client partners are…

  • Entrepreneurs who are aiming to bring their ideas into reality with a MVP or proof-of-concept
  • Non-profits with processes or systems that are out of date or paper-based (gasp) that could be made modern
  • Small companies with small projects that could make an impact on their day-to-day but might not have the funds to invest in professional software development

Student Group Capstone Projects

Projects Kickoff Every 5 Weeks

Each cohort experience culminates in this project engagement. Selected project partners will receive pro bono support from a team of 3-5 students for approximately 4 weeks during the "learning by doing" portion of their program.  As the primary objective is the educational experience for the students, project "stakeholders" should have reasonable expectations regarding the time limitations on projects and the student's inability to exceed estimated hours.
What makes a good project?
  • A scope of work that can be completed in approximately 120-360 hours of development time (planning, prototyping, and coding functionality).
  • Projects that are limited to Web, but can be optimized for mobile experiences (for example, accessing GPS on mobile devices for location information). We cannot currently accommodate requests for native mobile apps (i.e. applications delivered through the Android and Apple app stores).
  • Projects that use web APIs (Application Programming Interface) in their scope. An example of this would be the Google Maps API. Note that not using an API does not necessarily disqualify a project.
  • Minimal graphical design requirements. Ideal project partners will have the capability of supporting graphic design requirements for the project and/or will supply branding guidelines or style guides.
  • Projects can be customer-facing or internal projects.
  • Project stakeholders and designated primary contacts should be available for meetings and project reviews during the course of development.
  • Students will be including their code from these projects in their portfolios, companies must allow this to be eligible. 

What is asked of you as a client?

  • Participate in vetting conversations with Prime staff
  • Act as a client for project scoping with student
  • Be available with a 24hr turnaround for questions during the active weeks of the project
  • Attend final presentations
  • Allow student work (e.g., process work, research insights, prototypes/designs) to be included in their online portfolios 
Student deliverables are likely to include:
  • A scope of work document
  • A web application written in full stack JavaScript
  • Handoff documentation for implementation

How To Get Started

Think you have a project that would be perfect for one of Prime's cohorts? Setup a time to chat with our team below!