Prime's Pandemic Response

[LAST UPDATE: 7/22/20]

Our team is closely monitoring developments in Minnesota, Missouri, and Kansas, and are looking to the guidance provided by health professionals and government officials for both institutes of higher learning and businesses. We remain committed to doing everything we can to ensure the safety of our community while delivering positive outcomes for students in the program. 

In the interest of student and staff health, Prime has decided to extend our remote immersion practices until official recommendations allow for the resumption of on-campus instruction (e.g. size of gatherings increases, required physical distance spacing is reduced, etc). We will provide updates if and when that occurs but we are committed to providing students with at least two weeks of notice to adapt to any changes.

Students with a need to access campus for quiet workspace or reliable internet connectivity will continue to be able to use the space after registering with Prime Student Life staff as capacity within social distancing protocols allows. Students can request campus access by completing this form.

To provide a level of predictability for students with pandemic-related concerns, we are committing to work with any students in our active cohorts to provide an option to complete their program remotely if they deem it necessary.

Commitments to Students

While the pandemic response remains a moving target, it is becoming apparent that the impact to our operations will likely continue for some time. In the interest of providing more stability and predictability we are making the following commitments to our students during this time. 

  1. Students will have the option to complete their studies in 2020 without any in-person on-campus activities required
  2. We will communicate the plan for resumption of on-campus immersion at least 60 days before those changes take effect
  3. If/as safety guidance permits, optional in-person, small group activities may be offered.

*When determining health guidance and social distancing recommendations, we are drawing inputs from the CDC, the states of Minnesota and Missouri as well as municipal ordinances where applicable. 

Remote Immersion Timeline

  • Minneapolis and Kansas City based cohorts will continue remote immersion until guidance from authorities support the resumption of on-campus classes.

What’s next?

Thanks to everyone for their flexibility in these unprecedented times. We could not be more proud of the work that the Prime community is doing to support each other. As always, Prime is here for you while you invest in your future. Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns at

Pandemic Response Scholarship

Prime is now offering a $1500 scholarship for prospective students who lost employment due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of our alumni have come to us from industries hard hit by the response to pandemic, and this hits home for many of us. We know that many effected individuals are currently idled, unable to support themselves and face an uncertain future
because of closures to so many businesses across the country.

By offering this scholarship, we hope to make it possible for students to make the most of this period of involuntary unemployment. By building an in-demand skillset and laying the foundation for a new career, students can be better prepared for the future. To learn more or get your questions answered, email us at, or view the FAQs below:

  1. Who is eligible to qualify for this scholarship? This scholarship is available to individuals who have been laid off through no fault of their own as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and are receiving unemployment benefits.
  2. What is the process to apply for the scholarship? Students can apply to Prime per the normal process using the online
    application at When contacted for an admissions interview, indicate that you'd like to apply for the pandemic support scholarship.
  3. Where can students go to learn more? Questions can be directed to and a staff member will reach out with answers.
  4. What can the scholarship be applied to? The scholarship can be applied towards Prime tuition and can be used to offset the $1,500 down payment ordinarily required so that students using a loan or an ISA can study with no money down.
  5. Will Prime work with students to lessen/alleviate any financial burden after the down payment? For students concerned about monthly payments in the current climate, Prime may be able to offer an income-based repayment option that would delay payments until the individual is back in the workforce.
  6. Is this only for a limited time? If so, when does the program end? This scholarship is available starting 4/1/20 for cohorts with application deadlines on or before 9/14/20.