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Learn 5-9 and Change Up Your 9-5

Prime is launching a new part-time, remote format for our Full Stack Software Engineering Program.This new format will take the existing curriculum that’s helped over 1,000 people start careers in software engineering, and distribute it across a 28-week remote schedule. Each week will require about 20 hours of work.

In our first 6 years of operations, we’ve heard from hundreds of prospective students who were eager to start careers in tech, but whose commitments (full-time work, family, etc.) meant that a “traditional” full-time weekday schedule wouldn’t work for them. Building on the experience graduating 60 cohorts of software engineers and informed by our experience with remote study during the pandemic, we have developed a part-time program that we believe is a great fit for students who can’t commit to a full-time program.

We’ll be launching the program soon, but we wanted to share a few details now and allow interested individuals to start planning for the first cohort. If you think a part-time, evening program may be the best way for you to break into the software business, check out the information below and let us know that you’re interested!

What Does Part-Time Study Look Like?

Even with a part time schedule, Prime is a big commitment. You should expect to spend about 20 hours a week between classes and homework on top of any other work or family obligations. You can expect that these will all be big parts of your week at Prime:

Weekly Class Lectures

Twice a week on Monday and Wednesday we'll have instructor-led live video classes in the evening covering technical content and career development.

Group Work Sessions

Twice a week you'll sign up for collaboration sessions with peers from your cohort and work together on assignments and projects.

Study Group & 1:1 Time

Outside the curriculum, you can sign up for 1:1 time with the instructor or attend the weekly study group to get help from staff and peers if you're struggling.

When do we start?

Our first part time cohort will launch in July. We haven’t officially opened applications up yet, but you are welcome to start an application now and get a jump start on the technical challenge and other admissions hurdles and we’ll let you know when the systems are ready for you to submit your application.


Tuition for the new format cohorts will be the same as tuition for the existing program at $16,000. We expect that the same scholarships, grants and financing options available for the full time program will apply to the part time option.

Vatti Graduation

Brand New Format, Same Prime Academy

Since our founding, Prime has been an experience built on three pillars:

  • Real-world Experiences: Not only are the technologies you learn at Prime the same ones you’ll find listed in most job descriptions, but your capstone project will allow you to work on a pro bono on a project for a real nonprofit, social venture, startup or small business!
  • Holistic Approach: Being a software engineer is about a lot more than just software engineering. To succeed in the industry you need to excel at interpersonal communication, collaboration, public speaking, and other skills that have nothing to do with coding. We focus on the broad skillset that you need to land your first job.
  • Community-driven Education: There are plenty of ways to learn to code. If you join us at Prime you’re here because you want to be part of a community of learning. That means leaning on others when you’re stuck and paying it forward when you’re not. Prime doesn’t end at graduation: you’re part of the family for life!

These same pillars are central to our part time program. The schedule and hours have flexed to meet your needs, but our values are the same as always!

Part Time Curious?

Applications aren’t open yet, but you can fill out the form below to register your interest and we’ll let you know when they are. You can also book some time with us to talk about the program. In the meantime, feel free to check out some questions and answers in the section below!

Questions You May Have

The decision to embark on a new career is a big step and you're certainly going to have a bunch of questions. Below are a few you may have, if your question isn't answered here feel free to reach out and schedule time to discuss the program with us!