12-week full-time immersive program for young adults (18-24 years old) who live in St. Paul or Minneapolis


UX Academy runs June 19-September 8, 2023. Students will be available for internships starting September 11, 2023. Please see the full details below.

Short-term internships

We are looking to match graduates of UX Academy —a 12-week immersion training program for UX career-launchers—with summer internships to help them continue their professional development. Internships will be supported through the Step Up, Right Track, and BrookLynk programs. Those organizations aim to build our local workforce by providing career-readiness opportunities and Internship experience for under-resourced youth and young adults.

The goals of an internship are to help the intern:

  1. Gain insights as to ways in which UX team members work and collaborate in order to expand their understanding of the practice
  2. Further advance their UX skills by collaborating with the team on project work, such as helping to plan, facilitate, or report on research efforts or translate research into design concepts, sketches, or wireframes. 
  3. Receive feedback and guidance from a UX team mentor/leader on ways in which they can continue to level-up their budding UX practice
Minimum requirements of an internship:
  • 6 weeks long (10-12 weeks is ideal)
  • $15.00/hr  ($20-25/hr is recommended; Average is $21/hr)
  • 20 hours/week (can be up to 40 hrs/week)
  • Allow interns to synchronously attend weekly 2-hr Professional Development sessions delivered by Prime staff



Pledge an intern today!

Hosting a UX Academy intern is an immediately achievable way to demonstrate your commitment to diversifying and creating a more inclusive UX industry.
If you have the funds, willing mentors, and project work to be tackled, these folks have budding talent and inordinate amounts of gumption to work towards that shared goal! Plus, as an employer partner, you will be instrumental in helping to inform the manner in which we recruit, train, and provide career opportunities to under-resourced, under-represented, and predominantly BIPOC talent. 

Pledge to host an intern



What's next?

Once you've pledged, it's time to start preparing for your intern!

Define the scope

Consider the internship a "short-term UX project" that can help your team make progress on items that may otherwise get deprioritized! Leverage the uniqueness of your organization and team and use the guide linked below to get started.

Download our Short-term UX Project Guide (PDF) >

Submit the job description

Describe the details of how your intern will work, for how long, and in what capacity. We recommend looking at the form in advance so you know what items need to be considered!

Submit Employer Agreement 

Employers*, interns, and program partners are each responsible for making these internships successful. Please review and submit your employer agreement before Employer Orientation.

View & submit your Employer Agreement >

*All employers will participate in an orientation in late August 2023.


 (Dates subject to change with advance notice)

Solo project presentations
Monday, August 14, 2023, 10am-11am CT

Team client project presentations
Tuesday, September 5, 2023, 12-1pm CT


Events will be streamed live on Facebook 

View the final team client project presentations from Spring 2022


Process/Requirements questions

Leticia Ramirez
Right Track Program Manager (St Paul)

Madison Hurst
Career Pathways Program Coordinator (BrookLynk)


UX-Related Questions

Ange Wang
Prime Digital Academy
Sr. Director of UX Instruction & Strategy

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View our presentation from
MN Tech Connect (May 2022)
Powering the Possible through Partnerships

Download our sharable
Short-term UX Intern Planning Guide (PDF)